IDQ’s ID120 Series consists of compact and affordable single-photon detector modules, based on a reliable silicon avalanche photodiode sensitive in the visible wavelength range. The detectors of the ID120 series have high detection efficiency in the red region of the visible spectrum and an ultra-high active area. This new detector comes as a free space module, passive quenching, maximal efficiency value around 800 nm.

ID120 Visible Single-Photon Detector


  • 60% system detection efficiency at 650 nm
  • 80% system detection efficiency at 800 nm
  • Tunable system detection efficiency
  • Tunable temperature of the diode
  • Adjustable deadtime
  • Universal dual output
  • LabVIEW interface
  • C-mount, SM1, cage compatible
  • Integrated electronic counter


  • QKD and quantum communication
  • Quantum optics and computing
  • Single-photon source characterization
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • Failure analysis of integrated circuits
  • VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • Particle Physics
  • Dynamic Light Scattering

ID120 Visible Single-Photon Detector DE vs WL


ID120 Visible Single-Photon Detector specifications


This detection module is highly versatile, thanks to a USB connection and a LabVIEW interface allowing the user to change the bias voltage and the temperature of the diode. The module is equipped with a dual universal output signal port which can be set through the software interface. The module is compatible with C-mount, SM1 and cage technologies from Thorlabs. This allows an easy coupling of the light beam onto the active area of the detectors.

ID120 Control Software