OEM Visible Photon Counter is intended for large-volume OEM applications. It is the smallest, most reliable, and most efficient single-photon detector on the market, consisting of a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) silicon chip packaged in a standard TO5-8pin header with a transparent window cap. The chip combines either a 20 μm (ID101-20) or a 50 μm diameter (ID101-50) single-photon avalanche diode and a fast active quenching circuit, which guarantees a deadtime of less than 50 ns. The chip is mounted on top of a single-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC). Three fibre-coupled versions, the ID101-SMF20, the ID101-MMF50 and the ID101-MMF100 are also available. The maximum photon detection probability is measured in the blue spectral range (35% at 500 nm). An outstanding timing resolution of less than 60 ps allows high accuracy measurements. The performance of the ID101 detectors is comparable to that of the ID100-20 and ID100-50 modules. The ID101 can be mounted on a printed circuit board and integrated in apparatuses such as spectrometers or microscopes. The module is used in biological/chemical instrumentation, quantum optics, aerospace, and defence applications. ID101 detector is fabricated using a qualified commercial CMOS process, which guarantees high reliability.


ID101 OEM Visible Photon Counter

ID101 OEM Visible Photon Counter parts specs


ID101 OEM Visible Photon Counter dimension outline

ID101 OEM Visible Photon Counter application circuit

ID101 OEM Visible Photon Counter application circuits