This handheld laser welding machine is a new generation of laser welding products. The laser chooses a high-quality laser source. The whole machine adopts integrated design, beautiful appearance and stable performance, easy to install and simple to operate , High safety. The characteristics include fast welding speed, high efficiency, good welding effect, less welding consumables, long life and environmental protection. It can be widely used in kitchen appliances, door and window guardrails, staircase elevators, stainless steel furniture, metal sheet metal, and advertising Welding in industries such as brand, craft gifts, auto repair, auto manufacturing, rail transit and aerospace.

Our hand-held laser welding machine standard wire distribution machine reduces the requirements of parts for gaps and further improves the welding quality. It can also be used in conjunction with a collaborative robot to fix the welding torch on the collaborative robot to reduce the labour intensity of the operator and improve the welding quality of the weld.

Product Features

  • The internal design is dexterous, and the good interactive control system expands the tolerance range of the processed parts and the width of the weld seam, solves the disadvantage of small light spot, and makes the weld seam better
  • The shape is light, the design method of body engineering is adopted, and the grip is comfortable; it is easy to control with one hand, and the operation is simple and easy to use
  • With multiple safety alarms, the light will be automatically locked after the workpiece is removed, and the safety is high
  • Beautiful welding seam, fast speed, no consumables, no welding marks, no discoloration, no need for later polishing
  • A variety of angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products.

Sample Pictures

Hardware Sheet Metal

Kitchen Utensils

Machinery Parts

Auto Parts

Aerospace Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Furniture