Laser Machines

1.Do you sell laser machine?

Yes, we offer both laser services and the supply of laser machine. We have the ability to integrate laser system based on customer request.

iLaser sells the laser machine and along with it, we will give you after-sale services where will give a training on the software used for the machine and how to use the machine along with basic maintenance you can do yourself.

2.What are the uses of your laser machines?

Our laser machine comes with a user-friendly interface for adjustments to the machine, an intricate software use for communicating with the machine on where to laser cut engrave. All our machine are guaranteed to give you the best possible result when it comes to laser cutting engraving or marking.

3.Do I need a license when buying and operating a laser machine?

For the open concept laser safety class 4 machine, you will need N2 and N3 license for ownership and operating of machine. But for some of our machines, it has an enclosure system with laser safety class 1/ Class 2 , and recognized by NEA to use without any license. You can approach us for more details.

4.We are currently looking for a laser machine, how do we know which laser machine would be the most suitable for our needs?

Before buying a laser machine, you can first consult us about what you’re looking for like what materials you normally use, what is the design your working with including thickness for the application, the processing area you are working at. It is important to note that one machine cannot cover all the job you might want to do, it is then critical for our customer to have a machine that covers 80% of the job. Additionally, we may also need to go to the place where you want the machine to be delivered to check how we are able to deliver machine in the working space.

5.Which graphic software and file format do you use for your machines?

The software will be included in the purchase of the machine and we will give you the necessary training on how to use the software.

For Vector file, if your design is made using AutoCAD or any other design software, you would need to convert the file to dxf file format before importing into our laser machine software then you can start the laser process.

6.What is the recommended requirement for the computer that is to be used with your machines?

Windows 7/8/10 or Windows XP/Vista, GHz processor or faster, at least 4GB RAM, 256GB hard drive, dedicated graphics processor card, 2 USB interface.

The above is a recommended minimum requirement. Due to advancement in technology, hardware and software will improve in the future. Using a more powerful computer would also mean that graphics will be generated and displayed faster. Computing times and date transfer will also reduce greatly.

7.Are there budget options available with regards to your machines?

We also have laser machine fit for people on a tight budget, do contact us for more information so we can assist you in which machine we would recommend you.

8.What are the materials that is suitable and not suitable for laser cutting or engraving?

Materials that are suitable for laser processing include acrylic, plywood, cardboard, leather, metal, wood, glass, foam. We also laser process special materials such as silicon rubber.

Materials that we do not recommend laser process include PVC plastic or any plastic that contains chloride as they will produce poisonous gas.

9.What is the use of your power of the machines and how do I deduce the power of the laser in a laser machine?

Depending on the different type of application, the power of the laser can help determine the suitable power for a specific application. The higher the wattage of laser machine would mean the laser machine is more powerful. Normally for laser marking materials such as aluminium or steel, it does not require a particular high wattage. However, for more tougher materials a higher wattage is advisable. Whatever your application, you can consult us regarding the materials that you are dealing with so that we can determine the laser machine that is right for you.

10.Are your machines customizable?

Yes, our machines can be customized,  customization may include different type of laser source, an anti-vibration table, rotary chuck for laser marking, roller rotary for laser engraving, air compressor for cleaner laser cuts, fume extractor laser goggles, clamps, and vision systems. For special request such as machine automation for manufacturing production line to increase productivity, do contact us for more information.

Laser Services

1.What time does your office usually open?

We are open from Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

2.What is the maximum area and length you can laser cut or engrave for non-metal material?

The maximum we can laser cut or engrave for long material is 1000mm x 700mm, using our CO2 laser.

3.What type of machine do you have in house for laser processing metal and plastic?

We have CO2 laser, ultraviolet laser system (UV laser system) and fibre laser system for laser marking, engraving, cutting, welding, cleaning etc.

4.I am thinking of using your laser services, but I am unsure if it is suitable for my design and materials.

Before we begin the laser service, we will first assess the material first. At times, we may need to do material testing by using our laser machine to see if it suitable to be laser processed.

You can also get in touch with us regarding the design and your specifications, we would always provide the best possible solution to achieve your standards. Do call us or email us at

5.What is the Minimum of Quantity?

We serve our customers for both small numbers and big numbers that require laser service like laser cutting, engraving, and marking. If you have a large volume order, we may work out discount from bulk orders.   Small number may have setup fee apply.

6.I’m currently a student, am I able to get a student price?

We offer a discount for students with their school projects. To obtain the discount, all you have to do is show us your student card at our office or have a reference by a student classmate.

7.How long would it take to complete a laser service?

This would depend on the design, material type and the quantity of order.

Normally it would take 1 to 3 days to complete a job, sometimes even a few hours is enough.

If the service requires a large quantity, it make take 4-7 days to complete the work, we will always do our best to meet your deadline.

If your work needs to be completed urgently, we advise you to send us your design beforehand so we can assess your design before proceeding.

8.Are materials provided laser services?

Due to the many types of material available for laser processing we are unable to provide material for laser processing, but we do have common material in house such as acrylic, ABS dual color board. It is then highly recommended to bring your own materials as many of our customers do.

9.Can I use my own materials for laser servicing?

Yes, you can bring your own materials for laser service. Do note that not materials are suitable for laser processing. If you have a special material, do consult with us first and we will assess the material first before proceeding.

The only materials that cannot be laser process is PVC plastic (PolyVinyl Chloride) or any other plastic containing chloride due to poisonous fumes that will be produced during the laser process. To ensure the safety of our staff and equipment we are unable to laser cut or engrave PVC plastic.

10.Am I able to get a sample made?

It is possible for us to provide a sample form the design file you sent us for you to see the result but there is a need to charge setup fee.

11.How do you arrange the collection or delivery of completed work to your customers?

For laser service customer, normally the customer would arrange the collection or delivery. If it is arranged by us, we will need to charge delivery fee.

12.Will the cost of the laser service provided be affected by other factors?

Usually, complicated design, editing of files due to incompatibility, type of materials and the type of laser application will affect the cost of laser service. Additionally, there would be a setup fee for complicated design. A rush work where we need to complete in a tight schedule or whereby, we need to interrupt other work in progress will also affect the cost.

13.Can I walk into your office anytime for a laser service?

We would not recommend walking in as we may be busy outside conducting work for our customers. We would advise you to contact us via a phone call or email first and tell us about your work before coming down to our office.

14.Can I do the laser service myself?

No, all our machine can only be operated by our staff

15.Are you able to provide vector drawings?

Yes, we do provide vector drawing. Send us your design via our email so we can assess it and check if there are anything that needs to change before we can start the laser service.

16.How do I attain a quotation?

To obtain a quote, you can email us directly at . Include in your email your design in dxf file format, material type, thickness of material, and which part of your design you wish to cut and engrave. Our quote will be based on the complexity of the project and the time we will need to complete the laser process.

17.Do you have laser machine rental?

Normally no. Due to laser safety issue and operating license issue we do not offer laser machine rental. However, if you want rent a laser machine it is possible but you must rent the laser machine together with our trained personnel to conduct the laser machine.


What are the payment methods available?

For laser servicing, we accept PayNow, Bank Transfer or Cash after the completion of the job.

For Laser machine, we accept payment via cheque or bank transfer. Deposit is required when confirming your order so we can proceed in placing your order with our factory and the arrangement for delivery.

Payment via bank transfer:

Account name: ILASER PTE LTD

Account No. : 348-310-725-9

Bank Code: 7375

Branch: 027


Payment via PayNow:

UEN: 201718478M