MIRA CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine

With the CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving-MIRA machine, laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking have become an easy task just by Plug and Play. And the entry into laser technical become affordable and cost-effective. In one word, our Mira machine makes your business easier, less effort and more profit.

Clean Pack Design

The most problem of laser machines reason is dust, smoke and dirt particles make your results very bad and machines works slowly. CleanPack design protects all the mechanical parts and gives you perfect results, high speed working and long life maintenance risk-free.

Multi Communication

The new MIRA series was built on a high-speed multi communication system. You can connect to your machine by Wi-Fi, USB cable, LAN network cable and transfer your data by USB Flash disk. Machines have 256 MB memory, easy use colour screen control panel. With off-line working mode when your electricity is down and the open machine will run on stop position.

All in One Design

All of the laser machines need an exhaust fan, cooling system and air compressor. The new MIRA has all these functions inside of the machine. There is no equipment that works with machines. Just put it on the table and start to work.

This function is the ONLY ONE in the Worldwide laser machines


Faster Than Others

The new MIRA series designed a maximum effective working style. With the high-speed digital step motors, Taiwan made linear guides, Japanese bearings and maximum speed design it will up to 1.5 meters/second engraving speed, 500 mm/second cutting speed with 5G acceleration. The best choice in the market.