Clavis XG QKD System can be deployed in any network configuration that requires high key throughput or includes long distance links. It is well suited for point-to-point, relay for extended distances, ring or star topologies. At each QKD network node, an embedded Key Management System (KMS) software arbitrates the key distribution between QKD and key consumers as well as performing add/drop or forward functions depending on the recipient’s location. Robust and standard design to be integrated in any Data Center the Clavis XG is ID Quantique’s 4th generation of QKD systems. It supports any kind of network topologies, such as point-to-point, relay, ring, and star networks. The XG Series is designed for uninterrupted and long-term operation by providing high availability services.

Clavis XG QKD Systems


Clavis XG QKD System

The IDQ XG Series of products operates at standard telecommunication wavelengths (in the O and/or C bands) and can be easily retrofitted onto existing fiber optic network. Its compact 19’’ rackmount 1U size offers the highest integration of QKD technology available in the market today. All the necessary key management, monitoring and administration functions are embedded in the chassis to perform quantum key generation and distribution over a quantum channel with a transmitter (Alice) on one end and a receiver (Bob) on the other end. High availably features like redundant power supplies, hot swap battery and fans module are supported. All optical channels are compatible with the ITU recommendation for Dense-Wavelength Division-Multiplexing (DWDM). To maximize the distance between nodes, operation of the quantum channel over a dark fiber is recommended. However, channel multiplexing over a single core can be performed with quantum channel around 1310 nm (O-band) whenever fiber resources are scarce. In practice, QKD is often combined with conventional key distribution techniques, such as RSA or ECC, to generate a dual key agreement. The resulting key is always at least as secure as the strongest of the two original keys and provides proven quantum-safe security. Importantly, the dual key agreement retains the existing certifications of the conventional system.

Clavis XG QKD System market and application

Interoperability With Third Party Security Systems

The XG Series can interface and communicate with major encryptor vendors. The XG Series supports standard and proprietary interfaces. ID Quantique is actively taking part in the standardization processes, particularly at ITU and ETSI, to boost interoperability of QKD and other security systems. Leading Optical Transport Network (OTN) vendors offer this QKD-ready interface in their encryption’s appliances (OSI Layer 1/2/3 and MPLS).

Interoperability With Third Party Security Systems

Key Management and Monitoring

The XG Series integrates enhanced trusted security components, like tamper detection, a secure memory module, as well as IDQ’s QRNG chips which provide proven randomness for all related crypto functions. These features guarantee the highest security standards throughout the whole key management process, from key generation to key delivery, and including key storage. XG Series is compatible with IDQ’s QKD management and monitoring framework. This framework integrates current Software-Defined Network (SDN) QKD ETSI standards as well as IDQ’s Quantum Management System (QNET QMS) to facilitate all large QKD deployments. It ensures a seamless integration in existing infrastructure.