ELFys provides light sensors with better sensitivity than anything seen before, literally catching every ray of light. The technology greatly improves any light sensing application ranging from health monitoring to analytical instrumentation and security X-ray imaging. The superior performance of ELFYS photodetectors is based on an inventive combination of modern MEMS nanotechnology and atomic layer deposition. The core technologies are patented and in the possession of the company.

Most sensitive photodiodes for UV, Vis and NIR, High responsivity photodiodes (>96% EQE) and Customized Solution

Key benefits for your applications

  • High responsivity (>96% EQE) over entire spectrum range (200 nm to 1050 nm)
  • Ultra wide sensing angle with extremely high absorbance (> 95% @ 60°)
  • Superior responsivity in ultraviolet wavelength range (no signal losses in the photodetector surface layer)
  • Customized design with optimal electrical properties

Core technology: Black Silicon Induced Junction

  • Nano-engineered surface structure
  • Defect-free induced junction
  • Advanced ALD passivation


  • Wearable device
  • Spectroscopy
  • Light Sensing
  • X-ray Imaging
  • Industrial and environmental sensing
  • Safety and Security imaging