iLaser is the distributor for Vigo System in Singapore market.

VIGO System S.A. is a world-leading manufacturer of uncooled infrared photon detectors.

The company’s unique position on the market is confirmed through its status as an official supplier of subassemblies for NASA. As a result of that co-operation, detectors developed and manufactured by VIGO System were installed on the Curiosity rover, which explores the surface of Mars.
The detectors manufactured by VIGO System are used, amongst others, in the following fields:
industry – laser power control and calibration;
defense and security – smart munitions, early warning systems;
environmental protection – gas analysis, real-time water quality control;
healthcare – non-invasive blood analysis; Breath analysis
transport – analysis of temperature distribution in fast moving objects;
research and development – precise, non-destructive spectroscopy.