Laser power meter is used to measure laser power and power stability. They are widely used in the research, teaching, medical science, industry and other fields.
■ Testing Instrument: Power Meter
Product Picture Model Power range Main features
Thermopile Laser Power Meter TS series
(Wide Range)
TS2+LP100 2mW-2W 1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -25µm
2. Damage threshold: 40kW/cm2
3. Power measurement range: 2mW-50W
4. Sensitivity diameter: 22mm
5. Minimum measuring precision: 0.1mW
6. SMA905 fiber switch connector
TS5+LP100 2mW-5W
TS15+LP100 5mW-15W
TS35+LP100 10mW-35W
TS50+LP100 10mW-50W
HS series
(High Precision)
HS1+LP100 100µW-1W 1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -15µm
2. Damage threshold: 1.5kW/cm2
3. Power measurement range: 100µW-5W
4. Sensitivity diameter: 8.5mm
5. Minimum measuring precision: 0.01mW
HS5+LP100 100µW-5W
Photoelectric Laser Power Meter PS100 series
(High Precision)
PS100 2nW-100mW 1. Wavelength range: 320-1100nm
2. High precision: ±2%
3. Resolution: 2nW
4. Minimum measuring precision: 0.001nW
PM/ PPM series
(Economical Type)
PPM Desktop 100/500/3000mW 1. Easy operation, economic price and portable device.
2. Wavelength range: 400-1100nm
3. Available for customizing 1-3 kinds of wavelengths
PM Hand-held 100/500/3000mW