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High Pulse Energy DPSS Laser

Beamtech provides various of flash lamp and diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers for scientific research, medical , industrial OEM lasers and custom-built laser systems tailored to customer requirements. Products Feature High pulse energy laser: up to 22 J@1064 nm;8-26 ns pulse width, high peak power;Unique cavity design to ensure uniform beam profile. [...]

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Ultrashort pulse laser from Teem Photonics

The Simplest Of the Ultrasfast Laser and Elegant Technology based on a unique technology combination: Microchip technology and Passive Q switching Features : Compact laser head with Seal™ enclosure for long lifetime Lock™ optics mounting for permanent laser alignment Long life time pump diode pack fiber-coupled to laser head Excellent long-term power [...]

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DPSS Laser Source

  We offers high performance diode pumped all solid state laser, with high output power stability, ultra compact, long lifetime, which are widely used in spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, laser printing, PIV,  fluorescence excitation, laser treatment, collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment and other applications. Application: PIV Machine vision Medical Roman [...]

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CW Green Laser from Lighthouse US

Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers have been distilled into the range of products offered by Lighthouse Photonics. Our unique designs result in tangible benefits such as near-zero noise and extreme power stability.  Near diffraction-limited beams allow the products to be used in a wide variety of precision scientific [...]

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