ColdQuanta’s compact ion trap housings give you a self-contained, high optical access UHV environment for ion trapping with long trap lifetimes. The trap surface is ion milled before assembly into a UHV-baked surface. The C-cut sapphire window material ensures a low birefringence and high UV transparency. The housing was initially designed to house a Sandia HOA trap. The photo below shows the ion trap vacuum system with breakout board for easy application of trap voltages and the physics package for delivery of photoionization, cooling, and repump lasers.

Product Features

  • Compact UHV cell

  • Titanium body

  • AR coated C-cut sapphire windows

  • 2 through axes at 45-degree angle .12-.65 NA optical access

  • < 3 x 10^ (-11) Torr vacuum pressure

  • HOA or Peregrine trap compatible

  • Adaptable to many chip traps

  • Yb and Ba targets available


Customization Options

  • Custom Atom source

  • Custom window coatings

  • Adapt to your trap

  • AR coating on window