ColdQuanta PICAS is a compact, alignment-free beam delivery package. It produces a 2D+ MOT beam configuration with three user-supplied fibre-coupled light inputs, Capable of producing a cold atom flux of >109 atoms per second when used in conjunction with the ColdQuanta CASC (Cold Atom Source Cell). The unit is easily integrated into experimental setups, allowing for a simple plug-and-play optical package.

Product Features  

  • Coils for Fast Magnetic Field Generationmpact Opto-Mechanics

  • Alignment-Free 2D+ MOT

  • Integrated Heat Sink

Power Monitoring

  • Available with Power Monitoring Photodiodes

Design Wavelengths and Elements

  • 780 nm (Rubidium)

  • 852 nm (Cesium)

Magnetic Coil Sub-Assembly

Assembly Description

The Magnetic Coil Sub-Assembly is a compact coil assembly that generates an adjustable 2D MOT magnetic field, where each of the four coils can be individually controlled. The Magnetic Coil Sub-Assembly also includes a dispenser connection.

Compact MOT coil assembly Intended for use with

  • Cold Atom Source Cell (CASC)

  • Sub-assembly of Coil PICAS

  • Integrated connector interface

Mount Assembly

The Mount Assembly (designed to be used with the ColdQuanta Coil PICAS, is a connector that allows for the mounting of the Coil PICAS assembly over the ColdQuanta CASC (Cold Atom Source Cell).

Mount for Adjustable PICAS Assembly Intended for use with standard length CASC Rod assisted design for quick and easy Mounting of the adjustable PICAS assembly