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Alpes Laser

Alpes Lasers is a engineering company pioneering advanced light sources, especially Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs), which is dedicated to promote these technologies to customers active in a wide range of markets. Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) Quantum Cascade Lasers are mid-infrared light sources covering the mid-infrared (4 to 20 µm) and terahertz waves (1 to 6 [...]

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Vescent Photonics Product

Vescent Photonics based on USA  is a  technology-driven company developing and manufacturing novel electro-optic, waveguide, and laser technologies. Key research areas for Vescent products are the laser-cooling of atoms, quantum sensing, computing, Time keeping, Atomic & Molecular Optical Physics. QCL, ICL TA & SOA driving etc. Electronics for Lasers & Electro-OpticsD2 [...]

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Single Frequency Lasers

Introduction iLASER offers a wide selection of laser modules with single longitudinal mode. These lasers are made features of ultra-compact, long lifetime, low cost and easy operating, which is widely used in DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, cell sorting, optical instrument, spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, physics experiment, etc. 360nm SLM Lasers 457nm SLM Lasers 473nm [...]

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Laser for Optogenetics

Introduction Optogenetics has the characteristic of high spatial-temporal resolution and cell-type specific. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional methods of the activity control for the cell and organism, and also provides a revolutionary method for the research of neuroscience. The research fields include fundamental research of neural circuit, study and memory research, habituation [...]

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