ColdQuanta’s high-quality Thin-Walled Glass Cells offer a new level of optical access to in-vacuum experiments. The thin-walled cells offer high-quality optical access without AR coatings at an economical price point. The cells are connected to a DN16 or DN40 flange with ColdQuanta's proprietary assembly processes, which uses no epoxy or frits; giving them excellent outgassing properties and making them robust to high bakeout temperatures.

Product Features

  • Ultrahigh vacuum cell

  • Bakeable to high temperatures

  • Assembled without epoxies or frits

  • Thin glass walls

Flange Options

  • DN16 CF Flange

  • DN40 CF Flange with a wide neck glass-to-metal

Coating Options

  • Broadband Targeted

  • AR coating for Cesium, Potassium, Rubidium

  • Custom coating